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Starting out in life on the right track financially can be challenging. That is why I developed this workbook to help you navigate early in life. If you start out with the right habits, you will maintain a good foundation in which to build upon. It's never too early to start out strong!

This action packed workbook is a follow up to my Book: The Ultimate Guide-Tips towards Financial Freedom. After getting such great feedback from readers on how the book was helping their credit building efforts, I took the time to develop this workbook, which accompanies my online credit building course. If you are ready to dive in and make your credit score dreams come true, then walk with me step by step as we boost your credit score to 800+ and beyond!

Pathway to Financial Freedom Course bann

Join the Pathway to Financial Freedom online course and learn the tools and practices in order to get your credit score soaring to the 800+ Club!


This Financial Planner is designed to take you through 365 days of planning and strategizing your credit and finances.

With goals and dates for timelines, you can plan to get out of debt, develop strategies for building your credit and walk through affirmations to help you build a freedom mindset.

This is the third book in the Ultimate Guide series, designed to help you maintain and remain ahead of your financial plans!

Selena is a writer for the IBG Mag: Inspired By God Magazine.

Selena writes for the 'Four Corners' of the magazine, and her featured article in the Summer Editon of the magazine is titled,

"Regrouping Finances When Becoming SUDDENLY Single." 

To read the article, purchase your copy below.


Selena is a featured business owner in the

'Shoutout LA Online Magazine.'

You can read her feature by clicking the link below:


The 800+ Financial Freedom Enterprises is a Christian based company. We believe and teach Biblical principles during our workshops, seminars, mentoring sessions and in our publications. We do not make any financial or credit claims. The results of our clients and participants are based on applying the principles we teach and implementing them in your daily finacial plans.  


At various places on this Website, you may find testimonials from clients and customers of the
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be the result of your own efforts, your particular situation, and innumerable other
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By using this Website, you accept personal responsibility for the results of your actions. You
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